July 7, 2011

There's a learning curve to online life

This is not my first blog or my first website. It is, however, my first blog and website directly associated to the same name on my driver's license.

Sometimes I look at the highly visible online lives of people only a few years younger than me, and thank my lucky stars that being born earlier denied me the opportunity to splay my life over the web before my adult judgment kicked in. However, the sheer volume of data flowing through our lives may provide a measure of cover. While there is a permanence to off-the cuff comments that previously did not exist, sites like Google seem to preferentially show data from sources that update frequently, which may act to bury old news out of sight of the casual browser.

Society will eventually adapt the new flow of personal information. People will become more savvy about their data stream. Perhaps throwaway comments, though recorded, will eventually be seen for what they are: junk. Maybe when we look at those embarrassing recorded moments, we'll more readily doubt their verisimilitude, and enjoy the quirks of humanity.

Meanwhile, there is little denying that the Internet will be a good thing for us, in the long run. The world seems to be slowly, but surely, coming together on its level ground, and that is why I'm here now.

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